What Are The Benefits Of Using E Cigs?

In case you were wondering abut e cigs, they are devices that deliver nicotine to your body. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, you don’t burn any tobacco leaves or tar. In order to understand this system better, we need to know the components of an electronic cigarette.

When you buy a starter kit, you will get a battery charger pack, some cartridges filled with nicotine and the smoking device. Depending on the brand, some smoking devices look like real cigarettes while some look like mini hookah pipes. While it’s still far from being mainstream, e cigs have a cult following where members gather in online forums and organize parades, extolling the virtues of “vaping” as against smoking.

When it first came out, people who sold e cigs marketed them as safe alternatives to the tobacco cigarettes. It was believed that it could help people who wanted to quit smoking cigarettes quit the habit. Years have passed since e cigs were first released, but they haven’t been proven themselves to be quit smoking aids.t However, they have proven themselves as safe alternatives to regular smokes. But how are they better than cigarettes?

Well, for one thing, you can choose the level of nicotine that goes into your body as cartridges do come in different nicotine levels of light, regular and strong. Another thing that makes e cigs less bad for your health is that you’re not smoking any tar. We all know that it’s the tar in cigarettes that makes them dangerous, not necessarily the nicotine. Also, since you won’t be burning any tobacco leaves, you won’t smell as bad when you vape on e cigs.

For heavy smokers, however, the main advantage that e cigs have is the cost. Most smokers in the United Kingdom as well as the United States usually spend at least $200 in cigarettes that just burns up in smoke. As we said earlier, if you want to smoke e cigs you will need to start with a starter kit, which costs between $60 to $80. When you’ve used up all the cartridges in the starter kit, you only need to buy cartridges to keep in smoking. Cartridges cost less than $10 each and last for a few days even with heavy vaping. If you do the math, you will see that you can save money on e cigs.

But you might be wondering about the taste. Well, e cigarette are like hookahs in that you can smoke a wide variety of flavors. The best selling e cig flavors are fruit flavors as well as vanilla and cinnammon. For those who miss tobacco, there is also tobacco flavor and tobacco menthol flavor. People who’ve switched from tobacco to e cigs don’t report any big difference in the taste between the two. But that’s for you to find out, however. Since there are many brands, before buying a starter pack, you should check out which brands are favored by current e-cig vapers.